Capacity Forest Management Ltd. is a complete forest management service offering

  • Corporate structure development

  • Engineering

  • GIS/Mapping

  • Obtaining permits

  • Logging management & supervision

  • RESULTS reporting to the government

  • Tree planting and monitoring through to the time the planted trees are “Free to grow”

  • Fuel Management and Pile Burning

  • SFI Certification

  • We also offer assistance achieving and maintaining SAFE company certification

Through our associates we can also provide access to services such as:

  • Corporate Structure development and Board Training

  • Harvesting

  • Log sales

  • Camp facility management

  • Financing of project

  • Financial management


To date our company has had a very high success rate, currently we manage approximately 5 million cubic meters of timber over the next 5 years. As well we manage Community Forests, Woodlots, First Nation Woodland Licences, Private Land, replaceable Forest Licences, and Non Replaceable Forest Licences.

For Further information on any of the services we provide please contact us.