At Capacity Forest Management Ltd we specialize in the management of First Nations Forestry Operations in conjunction with our First Nations clients. Our clients’ territories range from the Central Mainland Coast through North, West and South Vancouver Island to the Southern and Northern Interior.


We have chosen to specialize in managing First Nation Forestry endeavors because we believe in the philosophy that underlies the First Nations approach. We strive to balance the First Nations cultural priorities with the need to provide an economically viable operation. All of our clients maintain 100% ownership and control over their Forestry Operations.

In April of 2003 our president, Corby Lamb left a large forest products company where in his capacity as Area Manager, he was responsible for 800,000 cubic meters of annual harvest as well as relationships with 8 First Nations. He formed Capacity Forest Management Ltd. to work exclusively for First Nation clients. 

While our company’s structure is fairly unique our management and staff are highly qualified and experienced in the Forest Industry. We have fifteen members of the Association of BC Forest Professionals on staff ensuring we always provide our clients with best service possible. As a result our company is growing quickly.

Capacity Forest Management is also a SAFE Certified Company with the BC Forest Safety Council.  We have an extensive safety program and take the safety of our employers and contractors seriously.  We can also help our clients become SAFE Certified and manage their safety program.


Our intention is to provide First Nations with a voice in the Forest Industry, leading to increased employment opportunities, capital for capacity building, training and programs in the communities.